Benefits of Rapid Detox Centers

Dealing with a drug addiction is always a big challenge. There is nothing more difficult you will ever struggle with compared to a drug addiction, because it overwhelms you and consumes you.

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Drug Addiction Detox Aftercare

The very nature of a drug addiction can make someone feel as if they have no power over what is going on in their lives. One of the reasons why people use drugs is because they feel as if they have no..

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How Rapid Detox Centers Help

Addicts are great at making excuses for the reasons that they do not get help when it comes to matters that have to do with using drugs. However, they do this in order to avoid the reality that..

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Rapid Detox Centers For Addiction

Drug abuse is on the increase worldwide. More and more people are consumed by this affliction. It asks for neither age nor gender. There are some addictions in surprisingly young age brackets. Rapid detox centers are a great alternative for people with a full schedule or people who want to keep their private life, private. Life is precious and fragile and it is quite easy to get caught up in drugs. Please call our hotline 800-303-2482 any time or day or night for immediate assistance.

While the idea of checking into a rapid detox center could be quite intimidating, it is an ultra-safe and hygienic as well as very private and discreet. Only the best of the best get to work with the patients. So how does this work? Some rapid detox centers make use of what is called the Waismann Method. This type of detox removes the opiates from the systen while the patient is unconscious.

This clinically tested procedure allows the body to detox without the usual withdrawal symptoms or other side effects. The doctors involved in this process have been perfecting it for over a decade. Thousands of patients have been treated successfully with this method. The procedure is done in a full-service and accredited facility in California.

Of course, that is just one method. No two rapid detox centers are alike. It is always a sad case when a rehab center claims to have found the universal cure for drug addiction. While it is a very nice concept and idea, the truth is that no two people are alike. People respond different to different kinds of treatments. Over all, rapid detox is a medical process for reversing an addict’s dependency on drugs without the long, grueling and painful withdrawal period.

Rapid Detox Centers For Addiction

Usually, any drug addiction rehabilitation starts with a process of detoxification which can last up to a week. During this time, the patient is bound to experience the dreaded withdrawal symptoms that can consist of:


  • Nausea
  • Tremors
  • Seizures
  • Agitation
  • Depression
  • Heart attacks


At a rapid detox center, the detoxification process occurs within up to 24 hours.

Patients going through rapid detox are usually placed under sedation, which can last for as much as six hours, while the patient receives special medication to accelerate the withdrawal period. The medications also cause the brain to block out the in-taking of the abused substance. While all of this is happening, the body in turn casts out the poison caused by drug abuse which causes the dreaded withdrawal symptoms.

The client is alleviated from any discomfort due to the sedation. After the client’s body is rid of all toxins, it is highly recommended that the patient then enroll to a drug rehab center. Rehab detox is a powerful tool to stop drug addiction. The idea of having a withdrawal period without any pain serves as a big encouragement to many drug addicts out there.

Criticism towards rapid detox is also a reality; some people claim that the experience was uncomfortable. There were even some alcoholics who claimed that the method is ineffective and they’ve experienced just as much pain as they normally would. The other side of the coin is however, countless patients can testify that the method really does work. It is for the patient or the parents to decide which road to recovery is going to be taken.

There are a number of centers across the US. Some of them also offer the naltrexone implant to ensure that no relapse occurs after detox. The support groups in these centers really make for close bonds with fellow addicts and this is really helpful for recovery. Another part of the after-care is the monitoring system. Many of these systems include case management and urinalyses.

LifeWIRE is a new system out and it consists of the patient checking in with a healthcare expert at certain intervals. Some of these methods may seem ineffective to patients, but with the right counsel they will know that it is in their best interests. Ongoing counseling is invaluable in the lives of rehab patients because it can dig deep beneath the surface to find out what prompted the patient to get involved with drugs in the first place.

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